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Perfume Gem - Andrea Maack Perfumes

Andrea Maack Perfumes

Andrea Maack - The Brand

ANDREA MAACK is a Reykjavik-based fragrance house, founded in 2010 by visual artist Andrea Maack. The fragrance collection stems from Andrea's work as an artist with a strong focus on quality and authenticity. 

The New ANDREA MAACK fragrance collection launches in early 2015, and it is designed for the modern fragrance customer and it is suitable for both sexes.

Andrea's fragrances have been featured in many international fashion magazines, including Vogue, Marie Claire, Artnent, Frame, Another and Wallpaper. 

Andrea Maack - The Person

Andrea Maack is an Icelandic visual artist, born in 1977. Her work incorporates elements of Fashion and Graphic Art, expressed via pencil and mixed media paintings, often translated into sculpture and wearable art.

Andrea's first ever perfume creation was revealed at an independent gallery show for the Reykjavik Art Festival in 2008. Her current Fragrance collection consists of both products of actual Gallery Shows mixed with pure conceptual creations, where she taps into her heritage and memory.


Head Office: Kringlan 7, 103 Reykjavik, Iceland. 

Sales Office: Via San Vincenzo, 18-20 123 Milan, Italy
Tel: + 39 345 267 6914