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Fashion Gem - PARKA LONDON


PARKA LONDON is the debut brand from a London based design collective which puts the parka on a pedestal.
The brand direction is very clear -  PARKA designs classic, yet modernist garments for free thinking individuals who appreciate timeless design and are style conscious. Their aim is to curate a passionate love affair between you and your coat. It is effortless style personified; throwing it on, feeling great, and having faith in your coat. For the men each piece exudes confidence, for the women a sense of grace is achieved with the wearing of each silhouette.
The people at PARKA LONDON are firm believers that it is the innate details and little quirks that count. Each design element creates an inimitable aesthetic. Charles Eames once said: "The details are not the details. They make the design." This is a mantra which resonates within the PARKA LONDON team, ensuring a clear separation from the crowd. The special addition of detachable fur hoods, luxe linings, secret drawstrings and distinctive silhouettes make a coat a PARKA LONDON coat.
Deane House Studios

Studio 3/4, Upper Level
27 Greenwood Place
Kentish Town
London, NW5 1LB