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Fashion Designer - Angel Chen (SS17 Catwalk Show)

Inspired by the ancient book 'Shan Hai Jing', a historic text depicting various stories of monsters from land and sea, Angel Chen SS17 rests on the borders of Chinese heritage and craft innovation. With direct references of the stories themselves, pieces feature iconic symbols, characters and ceremonial embellishment, as well as original illustrated embroidery by Angel herself, which has now become a signature of the studio. 

However, driven further than ever before, experimentation with a selection of boundary-pushing fabrics and new techniques (like dissolvable embroidery fillings), has resulted in lighter garments with an even more outstanding level of detail.

These methods, combined with the addition of multi-functional pieces that can be worn dozens of different ways, takes the principle of unisex to a new level. With garments able to transform for both sexes and occasions, ancient culture is blended seamlessly into the now.