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Do you enjoy being active and like to run? Ripl's mission is for two people to be inspired to run and be active, every time one person buys sportswear!

Every time you buy an item of running wear from the Ripl Inspire range, you get to choose someone, who you want to support to be active / start running. That person then gets to select something from the Ripl Effect range of running accessories for absolutely free, in order to help inspire and motivate them, to be active and run! 
The Ripl Inspire range consists of a range of carefully designed and ethically sourcedrunning wear garments, packed with features and functionality, without the high price tag. In addition, all backers will receive a limited edition 'Ripl Founder' Headband and will be listed as a Founder, on the Ripl website. 

The Ripl Effect range of free items available for the people you choose to inspire, consists of an awesome, neoprene smartphone arm strap, a uniquely designed head buff and a selection of technical running headbands in 4 different colour ways. 
The Ripl team is on a mission to support as many people as possible, to be active and start running. They believe that running and being active transforms people's lives for the better, bringing benefits far beyond just physical fitness, such as mental wellbeing, confidence, self esteem, clarity and adventure.


Ripl running wear offers a range of garments, which are packed full of features, without the high price tag. Above all, the Ripl team has focussed on comfort, quality, fit and reliability in all aspects of design. Over a year has been spent developing the range, which has been extensively tested throughout, in all conditions. They are certain that you will find Ripl garments to be some of the most comfortable, well fitted items you have ever worn.
The Ripl team has worked tirelessly to find a supplier, whose values and ethical practices, meet their own, extremely high standards. It took them a few months, but they are now working with an incredible supplier, who has an excellent track record of producing sportswear, for some of the World's top brands, importantly, under conditions which meet the highest ethical standards. It helps greatly that Ripl's Head of Product, Steven, lives in China and he is able to work closely with their supplier on a day to day basis.


Ripl Founder & Managing Director - Peter Thomas
Peter lives on the South Coast of England and when not working to bring Ripl to life, can be found running and exploring the local coastal paths or South Downs. Before creating Ripl, Peter spent 8 years working for an international Bank, most recently in Canary Wharf, London, supporting businesses ranging from small, local enterprises, to large multinational corporations, with all elements of their funding and operational banking requirements. Aside from running, Peter is also a competitive triathlete, having represented Great Britain for his age group, in the 2015 European Championships in Geneva.

Ripl Head of Product - Steven Morgan 
Steven lives and works in China. As Head of Product for Ripl, he uses his knowledge of Chinese language and culture to develop robust and trustworthy business relationships with suppliers, ensuring all products reach the highest ethical and quality standards. Previously a competitive triathlete, thwarted by a serious road accident injury, he is now on the steady road to recovery and intends to return to the sport in 2016. A keen amateur musician, on the weekends he can be found performing live in various bars and cafes.