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Fashion Gem - Katy Day Designs

If you are looking for unique and exclusive, handmade accessories and jewelleries, then you should visit the Katy Day Designs online store.   

Katy Day, the heart and soul behind the brand, studied Art at College and University, and as she says: “I have always had a huge space in my heart for all things creative…painting, working with different media, trying out new techniques and learning from others and taking inspiration from what I see and experience around me.

Katy Day’s story is an incredible and inspirational one. She started making jewellery more than 10 years ago, when she was pregnant with her second child, and whilst taking time out from teaching. Initially, Katy made them for herself, for friends and family, and eventually to sell to customers.

Her style has evolved and changed constantly over the years, depending on what she experiences around her, and the new techniques that she is learning and developing. This has kept her customers coming back to find out what new things she has created, and also keeps her interested, and her designs exciting. During all these years, Katy has tried all sorts…wire wrapping, beading, metal work, fabric, to name but a few.

But Katy’s story doesn’t end here. Katy has a strong faith which has always been a source of inspiration to her, and this strong faith comes out in several areas of her work pictures, cards, and more recently in fabric bracelets.

Katy loves people and she has gained new ideas from their suggestions and enthusiasm. As her business has grown and expanded into other areas like the cards and wooden hearts and pictures, Katy has also been able to bring her ever-patient and supportive husband on board. He is a printer by trade, and he is a practical man who cuts out all her wooden hearts, and sands them down for her.

For a long time Katy sold her work through parties and at craft fairs, and she still loves doing this. This gives her the opportunity to meet her customers face to face, and watch them try on items that she has spent hours on. However, customers from all over the UK and the rest of the world, now have the opportunity to acquire her unique designs, through her online store.