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British shoemakers Barker Shoes invite you to join them at Selfridges Oxford Street, London, as they celebrate their 135th anniversary with a series of live shoemaking demonstrations. 

The team of expert shoemakers will be joining the Selfridges team at Mens Shoes on 1 to reveal a behind-the-scenes look at the skills and techniques that go into crafting their traditional hand-crafted shoes. There will also be a collection of exclusive Barker styles available for purchase over the course of the residency. 
18 March, 11am–6pm

Hand polishing and repair demonstration
19 March, 11am–6pm

Hand polishing demonstration
20 March, 12–6pm

Repair demonstration
24 March, 12–7pm; 25  26 March, 12–6pm

Hand cutting and hand sewing demonstrations.