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Fashion Designer - VINTI ANDREWS

Vinti Andrews is a London based brand, from a collaboration between Vinti Tan and Paul Andrews. Both designers share the same influences of British culture and the global music scene, to curate a contemporary brand that flaunts innovation and originality. 

Each collection is designed for the au courant fashion conscious individual and garments reflect a unique expression of texture and colour through an interesting art form. 

The theme of rebellion and self-expression represents the label, to define the freedom that they stand for, by setting new standards for fashion. With a crafty approach to design, the duo is very well equipped and have both experienced high acclaim for their specialist techniques. 

Re-constructed garments, recycled high end clothing, detailed appliqué, strong graphics and simple but exciting clothing sequences; all the elements that showcase their passion for being prominent in the cutting-edge contemporary fashion scene. Tan and Andrews are keen on staying ahead of what is relevant by filling a void and redefining the perception on today's world.