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Designer Collection - Marzoline Milano

Established in 2017 by Italian twin sisters Allegra and Desideria Tantalo, Marzoline offers high quality handcrafted Luxury Head Accessories. The collection invites you to explore a range of different styles of Turbans, Headbands and Twillys. 

Brought up in Rome and London, both law graduates with a Master in Fashion Management, we were always united by a passion for accessories, fabrics and patterns. Marzoline was born from this passion. 

Their accessories are exceptional and add a unique touch to an outfit. A sense of opposite yet complementary attitudes defines the pieces of their collection: both fashionable and timeless, classic and sophisticated, Marzoline products reflect the duality that comes out of being twins. 

Marzoline’s added value is the Italian craftsmanship and elevated quality of each product, which are entirely Made in Italy in a historical Atelier owned by a very experienced Italian manufacturer and the brand reflects their commitment in supporting Italian craftsmanship and premium quality fabrics.