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Sonos' First European Store

Sonos' first European concept store has been designed to replicate the home environment and showcase how Sonos fits seamlessly into any home environment.
Inspired by Sonos’ flagship store in New York, it features state-of-the-art Listening Rooms – two acoustically-tuned, house-shaped structures designed to emulate a real multi-room home listening space. Guests will be able to stream their personal music to one or both rooms and create their own, unique sonic adventures. 

In keeping with Sonos’ meticulous attention to detail, the sonic and visual elements of the London concept store are tied to the city’s own artistic culture and have been inter-related from the outset, designed to complement the listening experience. Vibrant textures that improve the overall acoustics, custom bevelled glass walls to reduce bounce, hand-woven rugs and bespoke bookshelves, have all been carefully installed to help improve the sound. 
Every space within the store had been sonically tuned by Sonos sound engineers, overseen by Sonos Sound Experience Leader, Giles Martin. This includes the store’s custom-built Listening Rooms, the smallest, audiophile spaces in London. 
With Sonos’ commitment to providing the ultimate home listening experience, it is only fitting that the Listening Rooms have been designed to look and feel like the ultimate home. For launch, Sonos worked with renowned, London-based artists Camille Walala and Neil Raitt. Inspired by their experiences of using Sonos in their own homes, each artist has taken a Listening Room and added their own unique perspective, with bespoke signature prints that cover the walls and ceilings. 
And from next year, Sonos will open up the Listening Rooms to further artists, providing them with a canvas to express their creativity, creating an evolving environment to discover and experience Sonos.
Through a personalised experience and superior service, the Sonos store will become the perfect destination for music fans to come together and celebrate listening to music out loud. Guests can discover the home sound system that best fits their life, choosing from Spotify, Apple Music and dozens of additional major streaming music services, as well as any combination of Sonos speakers and components including the new Sonos One, the first Sonos product with built-in voice control from Amazon’s Alexa. 

The space will play host to an ongoing line-up of listening events, screenings, cultural talks and installations. 
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