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Olivia Grace Jewellery

Olivia Grace was founded in 2016 by Helena Fine with the desire to elevate everyday life of contemporary women by bringing back elements of bygone decadence and splendour. Feminine, sparkling but with a modern twist, always rich in colour, wearable for everyday occasions, her jewellery pieces are full of excitement.

The artistic vision of Olivia Grace is greatly influenced by dazzling colours and places of beauty, power and self-discovery such as London and Italy:

Helena says: "I am peeling back all the layers to find out my true essence of who I really am. This is being reflected in my jewellery, as my light is beginning to shine like the constellations. I have discarded darkness in my life. The lighter energy I am feeling is going into the pieces".

Deeply rooted in tradition, and yet with cutting edge design, her jewellery reflects the scenery of each place she is influenced by.  Be it the warmth and sparkle of the sun in Covent Garden that is reflected in the rose gold and champagne diamonds, or the inexplicable beauty of blue and green colours of the Adriatic in the blue sapphires set with white diamonds on white gold, or the reassuring solid heavy weight of gold and the star pattern on the back as an homage to the land of milk and honey.

Helena Fine started her journey into the world of gemstones as a PA to a diamond merchant, learning the trade in-house; selling parcels of diamonds to Bond Street retailers and dealing with manufacturers up and down the country. Today she is a full member of the London Diamond Bourse and the World Diamond Federation.

With nearly two decades of experience in fine jewellery trade Helena continues her passion with Olivia Grace. Based in London the brand is named after her two daughters, Olivia and Grace, the most precious of all jewels in her life. Helena is now on a mission to form a world-class jewellery brand built on the greatest of British design and the finest Italian craftsmanship.

Address: Olivia Grace Jewellery, London Diamond Bourse, 100 Hatton Garden, London, EC1N 8NX, UK.