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Gandys - 'Orphans For Orphans'

This week saw the grand opening of the first Gandys – Orphans for Orphans – London store in Spitafields. 

In a memorable event, supported by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, guests had the opportunity to celebrate with the two brothers behind the brand (Rob and Paul) the opening of Gandys' first London store; and shop from the new AW 2016 collection, which apart from the trademark flip flops, includes a whole range of eclectic and unique explorer essentials, such as backpacks, tote bags, shirts, T-shirts, jumpers, jackets, joggers and hoodies. 

The Story Behind The Brand

Rob and Paul Forkman were just aged 13  and 11 respectively, when their parents Kevin and Sandra took them out of their structured school system in England in 2001, for an exotic trip to the other side of the world.
Alongside with their two other siblings (9-year-old Mattie and 5-year-old Rosie), the Forkman family embarked on a trip which included travelling, as well as volunteering with local charities in India, before then moving on to Sri Lanka.
The family spent a happy Christmas Day in 2004 in the small fishing town of Weligama on the Indian Ocean island, but disaster struck the very next day. On Boxing Day 2004, a huge tsunami wave tore through the small town and, although the Forkman children survived, their parents were tragically perished. In total, the 2004 disaster claimed the lives of 227,898 people (including 155 British citizens), across the Indian Ocean coastline.
Following the death of their parents, the Forkman children had to endure a nightmare journey back home to Britain, and the support of their friends and family. However, knowing that there were many other children left orphaned by the tsunami who had no such support, Rob and Paul were desperate to do something to help these children, and at the same time create something unique in honour of their adventurous parents.
Their company, Gandys, was born in 2012, selling flip flops in order to support their 'Orphans for Orphans' Foundation, by donating 10% of their profits to helping underprivileged children who were affected by the tsunami.
The brothers began their mission with the objective to open a children campus, and their dreams came to life when they opened their first Orphans for Orphans children home in Sri Lanka on the 10 year anniversary of the tsunami in 2014.
Their story has touched many people’s hearts and has even attracted the attention of the Royal Family, who invited them to Buckingham palace for the launch of the Queen’s Young Leaders program, where they shared their journey with the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry.


Gandys has proved to be an effective platform for Rob and Paul to use in order to bring to life their mission of helping underprivileged children and to creatively express their experiences of travelling the world. Imprinted into each of their designs is a myriad of their travel experiences combined together, to express their unique upbringing and adventurous nature.
Over the last two years, the brothers were fortunate enough to raise enough money for the 'Orphans for Orphans' Foundation to enable them to expand the children's home to accommodate more children and members of the community. The Orphans for Orphans facility in Sri Lanka encompasses a broad range of focus areas, including academic support, woodwork lessons and various sports activities. The facility not only provides important facets of youth development in the community, but ensures that children are safely occupied in after school lessons and parents also have a chance to learn English and Maths. Rob’s and Paul’s vision is to open children’s homes all over the world, with Nepal next on their list.

Rob’s and Paul’s journey continues to become evermore adventurous through the release of new products, where their experience as travelers is reflected. They pride themselves on honouring their parents' legacy, and are hard at work to create a fashion destination for travelers of the world. In addition to creating quality products for adventurers like themselves, they are seriously committed to continue to build as many children's homes around the world as they can.
Keep supporting them on the journey to helping underprivileged kids through their adventure range. Follow their journey to becoming the leading fashion destination for explorers alike! 


105C Commercial Street, Spitalfields, E1 6BG, London
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 10:00am – 7:00pm

24 Fore Street, Fowey, PL23 1AQ, England
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 9:00am - 7:00pm