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Favotell Cultural Fashion Event - London (01 - 04 December 2015)

FAVOTELL - "We have something to show you" Cultural Fashion Event LONDON

International Fashion brand FAVOTELL is delighted to host an innovative pop-up fashion show in central London with a hand-selected program of events to showcase credible young designers and bridge the gap between British and Chinese fashion.
The event will host a select few of Shanghai’s most exciting designers, in addition to some British-bred talent both new and established. The purpose of this event is to formally introduce Favotell and its mission to the press, as well as raise a glass (quite literally!) to this wonderful diatribe of cross-cultural collaboration.

Taking place at Gallery Different, 14 Percy street, London, W1D 1DR, between 1-4 December 2015, Favotell's pop up store offers a unique opportunity to buyers, designers, media, and fashionistas to meet, interact, buy and expand Favotell's unique concept.  

Tuesday 1st December (Press Day) 
  • Open for Press, Media & Bloggers only between 10AM- 4PM 
  • Press Christmas gift collection 
  • Opportunity for press to talk to some of the designers
  • 12:00-Founder Lin to present Favotell and our London ambition
  • 2PM- Fashion Blogger mini workshop- 'How to nail the Chinese trend'
  • From 5PM the event will open to the general public
  • 6PM Designers presentation (inspiration behind their work)
  • 7PM After work ‘Mini fashion show’
Wednesday 2nd December (Sales Day)
  • Open for trading from 10AM-9PM
  • Chance to see the latest fashion trends from China

Thursday 3rd December (Sales Day)
  • Open for trading from 10AM-9PM
  • Chance to see the latest fashion trends from China

Friday 4th December (Sales Day)
  • Open for trading from 10AM-9pm
  • Closing party from 8-11pm


Favotell is an organisation committed to providing rising international fashion and art talent with the recognition they deserve within the competitive UK marketplace.

Based between London, UK and Shanghai, China, Favotell is a totally unique idea, aiming to be the cultural bridge between two global leaders in the fashion industry, which continuously grows in reputation, esteem, and significance.

Favotell is the unique brainchild of Kong Jialin, a graduate of Central Saint Martins and Chinese native who has developed a dual expertise in the two juxtaposing industries she means to bring together through her newly found company. Having being fully immersed in the culture she sought out during her time in London, Kong Jialin set out an intricate plan to fuse the mainstream fashion markets of the United Kingdom with the increasingly competent couture industries booming in her homeland, China, with a view to encourage further cooperation, commercial ties and the exchange of ideas from both sides of the table. This plan became Favotell. Not only a phrase meaning "I've got sinething to tell you", but a dormant revolution.

Favotell's mission is the exchange of ideas, outlooks, and opinions. By focusing on the careful introduction of just a select few of the most promising international designers at any one time, it is the objective of Favotell to inspire partnership and collaboration between these burgeoning foreign talents and the UK's fashion industry alumni.

Favotell sets out to make matches it feels are destined to happen, which without their direct mediation they would have never materialised. The fashion industry is such a huge entity in the modern world, and it can be quite difficult for designers on the outside of a foreign market to break in, no matter how well suited their product and vision may be. Favotell is aiming to end this.

By levelling the playing field and introducing an entirely objective workspace for the right individuals, Favotell aims to minimise the bureaucratic tendencies in the world of fashion industry and allow both designers and customers and fundamental freedoms they have been denied in the past.

As well as constantly seeking to orchestrate transitional design partnerships, Favotell is the organisational body behind a host of innovate events taking place around the world. Having already targeted some of the most influential cities in the fashion world in the relatively short time since its conception, Favotell  has achieved unprecedented results with a flow of top quality exhibitions, concept stores and celebrations rejoicing the wonderful and diverse culture surrounding the fashion industry.

On top of its work, Favotell places an immense focus on the growth and development of its fashion designers. By working alongside many of the world's most esteemed art and design faculties, it is Favotell's never-ending mission to provide the best opportunities to those who deserve them. Favotell offers practical and manufacturing support, by making formal introductions that are proven to be invaluable. Fairly often, emerging fashion designers are set back by requirements such as factories only being able to take high quantity orders (which is usually only affordable for larger organisations). However, Favotell's unrivalled connections means that it can negotiate with factories that are happy to work closely with Favotell's designers and accommodate their needs. By helping individuals with the talent, drive, and passion required to succeed get to the fashion capitals, social spheres and dialogues they need to be involved with, Favotell is not only serving its own agenda for the development of those it truly believes in, but it serves the chic culture itself.

There has always been a much-required emphasis within the fashion world on the importance of close communication and interaction. It is this central focus that has reserved the industries status as a true and pure art form for so long. Favotell is proud to be a part of this fabric, which continues to propel the fashion industry to the forefront of world culture.

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