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Fashion Gem - Lindex

In 1954, two Swedish gentlemen opened the lingerie store "Fynd" in AlingsÃ¥s. Shortly thereafter, the Lindex company of Gothenburg was acquired, and this is the name then given in time to all the company’s subsequent stores. 

The Lindex Fashion Concept

The company's vision and what it strives for, in every decision made by Lindex designers, is "a world class fashion experience". World travels by their buyers and designers merged with Swedish simplicity and freshness, makes Lindex's fashion and accessories easy to wear in all occasions.

At Lindex, customers can find a vast range of versatile styles they can choose as wardrobe essentials, underwear and elegant evening wear. Lindex assortment covers several fashion concepts within the business areas of womens, kids and lingerie. They always aim for the fashion to be easy to combine and match with different garments, and always letting its customers express their individuality and meeting their personal needs. "Mix and match, create your own look – welcome to the fashion world of Lindex" is Lindex’s moto.

Lindex Sustainability 

At Lindex, a great importance on sustainability is placed in every stage of their process – from initial design to recycling when the clothing is no longer wearable. Lindex provides affordable fashion, while considering the impact it has on the environment, using the earth’s resources wisely, and treating its employees and factory workers respectfully and responsibly. Lindex strives to be recognized as one of the most sustainable, open, and trusted companies in the fashion industry. It seeks to drive change and to make a real difference.

In order to treat the planet in a sustainable manner, Lindex believes that every decision matters. From working with its suppliers on water-related projects promoting responsible use and treatment, to include:
  • timers on store lighting to decrease the use of power;
  • offering customers the opportunity to recycle Lindex clothing and textiles in the aim of closing the loop;
  • demanding that shipping companies use Clean Shipping methods;
  • reducing employee travel, using new techniques to hold meetings;
  • increasing the use of Organic and Better Cotton Initiative materials in our fabrics;
  • delivering inventory in space-efficient reusable boxes;
  • bearing sustainability in mind when designing new stores;
  • recycling waste at stores, warehouses, and offices;
  • providing customers with sustainable garment care instructions;
  • powering our warehouse with solar panels;
  • minimizing waste by maximizing the number of garments cut out of each piece of fabric.
Lindex dedicates itself to sustainability in everything it does, and in one of its leading and most well-founded sustainability commitments, it works along with its customers to contribute in the fight against breast cancer. Through various design collaborations and activities, both Lindex employees and customers can help.

Other community-based projects include:
  • Lindex's involvement in the HER project to improve women’s health in Asia;
  • Its support of schools in Bangladesh that educate underprivileged children;
  • and its collaboration with WaterAid, which extends access to safe drinking water and improving hygiene and sanitation in the poorest communities.
As designers, suppliers, manufacturers, and consumers, Lindex philosophy is that "together we can make a sustainable difference in the fashion industry”.

Lindex in London

Lindex  opened its first store in the fashion metropolis London at Westfield Stratford City Shopping Centre, in spring 2015. Moreover, there is also a British distribution office, and a British online Lindex shopping site.

The investment was an important step in strengthening the Lindex brand internationally and a continuation of the fashion chain’s international expansion. “This is a great day in our history. We have longed to offer our affordable and inspiring fashion in an exciting city like London, one of the world’s most attractive shopping destinations”, said Ingvar Larsson, CEO at Lindex.

The store offers a modern shopping environment that highlights the brand’s Scandinavian heritage through interior decoration and environment. “We strive to offer a world-class fashion experience, both in-store and online. This includes everything from interior decoration and service level to the fashion we offer and how we present it. Having a good store location along with an online store allows us to reach a wide range of customers starting from day one” added Ingvar Larsson.

First Floor, Westfield Stratford City Shopping Centre
Montfichet Road,
Olympic Park East London,
E20 1EJ

Tel: 0203 695 8260