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Fashion Gem - Anchovy

Anchovy is a lifestyle brand that blends innovation with heritage. The Anchovy team produce both ready-to-wear collections, as well as custom pieces using technology as their design tool. Anchovy’s creative process is simple, innovative and intuitive, empowering people to create beautiful colour patterns from words, winds and much more.

The whole idea behind Anchovy started with the aim to create a fun tool which turns words into colour! The first person to actually try this amazing and totally unique idea, was the brand's creator's (Julija Goyd) 2 year old daughter, Juka. Juke grabbed an iPad, sat down on the floor and started typing random letters that created beautiful colour patterns. Her parents loved the process and the designs so much that they decided to make them wearable. That’s how the children's clothing line was born along with the Anchovy brand. Why Anchovy? Because, as most interesting things, their pieces "are either loved or hated"! Personally, I have truly fallen in love with them!!!

Anchovy's scarves and clothing are manufactured in limited editions by experienced artisans, blending modern technology with traditional craft. The Anchovy team sources only the natural fabrics of the highest quality, including pure silk that comes from a small mill in Italy, or linen weaved from fine Belgium yarns in one of the oldest factories in the Baltic States!

As a parent, Julija is very conscious of the needs of both children and parents alike, which are reflected in her unique designs. In the era of constant interaction with technology, the Anchovy team prides themselves of creating "meaningful things that are pure, relevant and inspire to create". 

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Address: 7 Schubert Road, London, SW15 2QT
Tel: +44 740 043 2305 
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