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Dior - Sauvage Eau De Toilette

Dior - Sauvage Eau De Toilette

A powerfully fresh and confident composition, for a man of authentic and true. This is what Francois Demachy (perfume creator) for Dior wanted: positioned between the raw and the noble.

Dior's brand of "Sauvange", torn between its animal nature and innate sophistication. A creation inspired by the great outdoors, like an ozone blue sky sprawled above a rocky landscape, white-hot beneath the desert sun. almost an overdose of natural ingredients selected with extreme care. The fragrance hooks you in with its radiant juicy freshness provided by the Reggio di Calabria bergamot. Francois Demachy likes his men's fragrances to have a sharp citrus note, so for the House of Dior he has chosen an exclusive bergamot created with local producers to obtain a "tailor-made" signature fragrance. The bergamot is a whirlwind of juicy freshness drawing everything up into it. Filled to the brim with the Calabrian sun, it is more intensely fruity and develops unique, slightly peppery, zesty aspects. 

The base note is strongly woody and defined by ambroxan originating from the precious ambergris. It exudes its woody ocean-fresh tones, as bracing as sea spray. It has all the subtle appeal of driftwood dried out by the sun. The scent continues with a tobacco background which lingers, with elegance remaining in its wake.

Symbols of masculinity play out this duel under the sun. Elemi provides a zesty, balmy note. Resin mixed with incense. The pink corns of one of the best quality Szechuan peppers in the world provide spicy vibrations. Vaucluse lavender along a sunny path through the aromatic scrub. Double-distilled Patchouli Fraction provides unity. Once its earthy camphor notes are removed, it gains nobility and modernity, binding it all together. Geranium cuts through bringing a breath of fresh, green spicy air. Generous vetiver provides a woody punch. 

Its bottle is a luxurious object with a sensual form, contrasting with the virile name of the scent. A refined shape with recognisable elements from Dior style clearly visible, and each detail studied with great care. The glass is heavy, dense, dark as inly night, its colour gradient changing from total opaqueness to smoky transparency. Each detail has been carefully studied: a fine dusting of silver on the sides which lends them a subtle mirror effect. The pleated black lacquer stopper topped with the CD logo is magnetic. A bottle that owes all its grandeur to years of technical feats and developments.

Dior has followed Francois Demachy in his search for inspiration. A scent-fuelled road trip where every sound, image and memory summons up a smell, an ingredient. Creation is a sensory quest, full of emotion and doubt, fed by journeys across the desert and scents from daily life which can be as fleeting as rain on hot earth. a new way of looking at the work involved in composing a scent for Dior's Perfume creator.

"Luxury is the sum of small details which together make a huge difference" - Francois Demachy
"A fragrance is not created in a laboratory, inspiration is found everywhere" - Francois Demachy.