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Easter at Regent's Street

Easter at Regent's Street

There’s more to Easter than a chocolate egg and the retailers on Regent Street know it. Easter weekend comprises four (hopefully sunny) days in which seeing the family and catching up with friends play a central role. If you’re hosting a gathering over the Easter period, look no further than Regent Street for a selection of delicious treats to keep everyone happy.

Crack a delicious chocolate egg from Godiva. The luxury chocolatier on Regent Street has a fantastic range of Easter treats lined up, from a decadent Easter hamper to a fun Easter bunny figure and some rather irreverent 'Alter Eggos'. If it's chocolate that you're into, then Godiva is definitely worth visiting before Easter weekend.

Chocolate is unavoidable at Easter time but it need not be a tiresome affair. Host an Easter egg hunt with chocolate eggs and bunnies from Godiva and make tracking down the treats half of the fun. If you’re more partial to sweets than chocolate, opt for chick and bunny shaped marshmallows from Whittard of Chelsea but beware, they are moreish. 

Get the weekend off to a great start with freshly baked hot cross buns from Whole Foods Market and impress your guests with a selection of delicious jams and marmalades specially selected by the East India Company for your Easter breakfast. The indulgent gold leaf marmalade is a modern twist on an age-old recipe, infusing edible gold leaf flakes (impressive) together with a velvety smooth marmalade with chunky pieces of zesty Seville orange rind. For the jam lovers look no further than the delectable strawberry and champagne variety. It’s irresistibly sweet and oh so tempting. Compliment your hot cross bun with a cup of Darjeeling tea – what the East India Company is famed for. It’s light and fruity, the perfect accompaniment to a sweet treat.

Invest in the Daylesford Farm team's cookery book A Love for Food and cook your guests up a feast fit for a king while looking glamorous in a cute apron- both can be found at Anthropologie.

Any roast dinner won't be complete without condiments. For a great selection of interesting accompaniments visit the East India Company. Try Mrs Clements English mustard and add a touch of tradition to your roast. In 1720 Mrs Clements in Durham, England, developed a process to remove the husks from ground mustard to make smooth mustard. This was the first recorded smooth mustard made in England and was even supplied to King George 1st - a luxury indeed.

Happy Easter all – enjoy Easter weekend and fingers crossed for sunshine.