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New Fitness Club Opening - Psycle - Mortimer Street (W1W)

Bored of your exercise regime already? 
Look to Psycle on Mortimer Street for a refreshing approach to burning those pesky calories. 
Psycle wants to change how people think about exercise, with the key belief being that a person's state of mind is key to how often and how hard they exercise. It aims to inspire attendees both mentally and physically, with motivating music played throughout classes and fun instructors eager to get the best out of attendees.
The benefits of attending Psycle classes, aside from the obvious calorie burning, is that it requires no membership, simply pay as you go and attend as you please. If you like it, great, if not, at least you won't have paid a hefty joining fee.
"There is no competitive element or performance measurement in our classes. With the lights turned down, the music turned up and everyone working together, it helps create an energy that inspires people to workout to the best of their ability," say representatives at Psycle.
Music features as an important factor in Psycle classes. Rather than being selected for its beats per minute, the music is specifically tailored to each class, dependent on the time of the day, giving you the ultimate workout soundtrack that does not tire. Forget that boring old 'gym' playlist, tune into a Psycle mix.
Planning on visiting Psycle on your lunch break? The place is kitted out with shoes, and fully equipped, impeccably cleaned and polished bathrooms, with fluffy towels, ila bath and body products and, GHD hair straighteners and dryers. No excuses. The only thing you need to pack is your kit.
Psycle can take care of the rest.