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Fashion Gem - Amadoria

Anne de la Ville- Bauge founded Amadoria in 2011. The company was originally about creating unique and contemporary jewellery for a selection of private clients. Anne always shined in combining and enhancing colors and special gems.

Anne’s designs were favoured by discerning buyers across Europe and beyond, many of who are repeat clients. In 2013 Amadoria started developing a new range of Ethic Chic fashion accessories.
Amadoria is now more than a jewellery brand it’s a lifestyle! Amadoria is inspired by colour and culture from various continents to bring back authentic ethical glamour fit for any fashionista.

Apart from being the must-have of summer 2014, Amadoria's handcrafted collections celebrate the beauty in every woman. They travel around the world to design and source original and colourful jewellery made from materials such as crystals, Mitsuno rocaille beads and hand-made tassels. Skilled artisans they have met and selected have handcrafted Amadoria necklaces and bracelets.

Amadoria's values are to create exceptional and versatile designs to allow the freedom to mix and match different jewellery lines to accentuate and complement every individual’s lifestyle. Their chic collections are versatile and effective essentials to highlight your outfits.
Amadoria’s brightly hued fashion accessories forms four electric collections:
Java - It takes inspiration from the Tribal jewellery from Native Americans. They have used Mitsuno rocaille beads to create geometrical patterns in colourful shade combinations. This vibrant and fun accessory has become a must-have ethnic chic staple to any wardrobe.

Talya - This is a modern and original take on the Wisdom mala prayer beads.
Kalam - Their latest addition of smaller tassels and pearls takes its roots with the Tribal jewellery from Oceania.
Bahia - This is a new take on their bestselling collection of Talya necklaces. Bahia are made with metal plated beads and luscious coloured tassels, taking inspiration from iconic Brazil carnivals.

You can find Amadoria jewellery in fashion and accessories store in locations such as St Tropez, Ibiza, London and Paris as well as selected hotels, department and independent stores around the world.